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          I won’t be editing this site for while. I’m not giving it away nor my Club penguin accounts I’m taking a break for a month or so. I’ll still be blogging on wordpress though just on www.itsrainingchaos.wordpress.com . Not here. You can continue conversations on www.itsrainingchaos.wordpress.com . The reason hat I decided not to is I haven’t been on Club Penguin for i dont know… a month or so whatever I’ve been doing other stuff THAT ‘S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS.

See ya for a while,




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 NEW NEWS IMPORTANT: My new site: www.itsrainingchaos.wordpress.com

Cuzin (unfaithfuldestiny) has a new site too


Im probably not going to be editing the site much anymore because my clubpenguin membership expired. See ya in 2 week cp peepz im going to be editing my other site more and improving it and stuff. Be sure to leave a comment there.

See Ya,


older news;



          I’m back of a week of well…I was sick so much for the weeks off anyway. Nothing profound is going on in Club Penguin at least I don’t think. Anyway along with todays creepiness.

         BORIS WALTER told “You Know Who” (this person commented on the Rockhopper is OK post which was deleted but I copied it and posted on the Home Post)My site address “You Know Who” went on it with a bunch of people watching him…. and it was Math time too.

          Then during science he told everyone to give me a hug. So I hid under desks trying to get away from people who were hugging me.

          AFTER the bell rang I ran out of the room to the bike racks because about 3 people were following me. 1 dude 2 dudettes the one that freaked me out was the guy. The guy chased me to the gate but I kept running onto the bike rack. Then I biked to my house… relitively fast.

          I’m thinking of changing site addresses



1. Homework, just say no I love homework

2. I REFUSE TO SMILE IN CLASS I’m just little miss sunshine

3.No one ever tyed anything to Boris Walter, Pippin1me, and Mcgerald… HELP ME… and no hugs.


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welcome.jpg Welcome picture by theclubpenguinguru


                 To my www.play.clubpenguin.com or just www.clubpenguin.com website. With hints, tip, cheats, glitches, pictures, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Anyway I have a couple rules 1.Please no swearing in comments 2.Dont post just to say hi 3.dont spam  you will get put on the “Banned from Chat” list 4. Dont hack 5. THIS SITE IS A NO n00b ZONE!